Verdejo | Organic Vineyards | D.O Rueda

The Vineyards

The vineyards are distributed throughout several farms in the municipalities of:
Rueda, Nueva Villa de las Torres, El Campillo, Torrecilla de la Orden and Olmedo.
The average age of the vineyards is 25 years, the perfect moment of balance between production and quality. 100% of the plantation is trellised, avoiding high yields and promoting grapes of the highest possible quality.

The Project

Julia is a song to our childhood and to the summers spent in the villages of Castile, an echo to the memory of freedom and the absolute joy of spending summer vacations with grandparents in the fields of Castile. Julia is nature in its purest form. Julia is a sea of wheat fields bathed in the sun, a walk through the vineyards, a sunset on a sandy path on the back of my beloved bicycle with the breeze caressing my face, the first harvest learning this trade, my first quail, the first village parties, summer movies, swimming in an icy river and drying off in the sun, a first love, a first kiss… Julia is all that and much more. Julia is a tribute to those wonderful years and a chance to bring them back, passing these cherished experiences on to new generations. Julia is the past and the future…

Nature in its purest form

D.O Rueda

Created in 1980, it is the oldest wine
Denomination of Origin in Castilla y León. It’s important to note that this area has a rich tradition in vine farming that dates back to the Middle Ages.

This DO spreads across the provinces of Valladolid, Segovia and Ávila. It has 18.124 hectares of registered vineyards, both in white varieties and in red varieties. The average altitude of the vineyards is 750 m. The climate is continental with an average annual temperature of 13 ºC, and an averageannual rainfall of 400 mm

What makes Rueda different?

The D.O. Rueda goes to great lengths to assure the production of white wine and in the protection and development of its native variety, Verdejo.


The Importance of Terroir

Varied soils for a complex and elegant wine:
• Sandy and gravelly soils: provide aromatic intensity and better ripening.
• Sandy soils with pebbles: help regulate the temperature of the plant.
• Clay soils: produce wines that are elegant and structured, thanks to the longer cycles that generate a greater load of polyphenols during maturation.

Producers: Nacho Gutiérrez & Cecilia Puebla
Winemaker: Rosa Zarza
Region: Rueda
Vineyard: Bio-Vineyard 100% VERDEJO. Wine made with vines that are between 30 and 40 years old and 800 meters of altitude, which assures an optimus and balanced maturation.
Ageing: aged on the lees during 4 months.
After a fermentation under controlled temperature, the wine is aged 4 months on the lees, wich gives complexity to the wine.
Its color ispale yelow with Green hints. It is clear and bright.
It has aromas of tropical fruits, White flowers and fennel.
In the mouth is balanced, round and delicious. It is fresh and, at the end, has a very pleasent bitterness typical from the verdejo.